Thursday, November 21, 2013

TA hours 11/21/13

I went to Nikki's TA hours tonight (9:00-10:15...she's a saint), and she's helping me write the code I need for the tilt sensor to read values the way I need it to.  We've had to modify (again) the idea, so this what I will be doing:

  • The tilt sensor will read values in a certain range from the x, y, and z axes
    • We figured out the range by holding the tilt sensor on my back (where it will be placed on the skirt) and rotating around the different axes; from this, we found several ranges of values we don't want the sensor to use because they're too sensitive
  • After storing these values, the code compares x to y and z and then y to x and z to determine which is greater and light up the LED strand in that way (there will be specific colors or patterns for each axis pattern)
  • If neither of these works (i.e. equal values), the code will light the LEDs according to the z way, which must be true if neither x nor y are
Here's the document with my notes:

Nikki helped me write most of this, and I'm working on how to incorporate the LEDs now.  I feel a lot's coming along!

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