Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/13 (class)

After dealing with dead LED strips yesterday, I've been given another strip to experiment with, and I'm going to be very, very careful.  It was missing a wire to the +5V port, so I've solved that with a new soldered wire.  It's really difficult to solder the LED strips, so I'm going to need to budget a significant amount of time for attaching them individually to the skirt fabric.

I'm making progress with the code.  I've succeeded (with lots of help from Audrey) in combining the tilt sensor simple LED code with the code for the Neopixel LED strip (standtest).  Now that these two have been combined, I need to actually work on my goal, which is for the LEDs to read data from the tilt sensor and, depending on the amount of acceleration/motion sensed, cycle the rainbow appropriately slowly or quickly (I'm not sure what the LEDs should do when no motion is sensed).  At the moment, I'm in the pseudo-code stage of figuring things out.

I'm trying to conceptualize the x, y, and z axes in terms of dance and the skirt.  X and y are the logical values to work with, provisionally ignoring z, since it would only really correspond to if the dancer jumped straight into the air.  Jumps are important in dance, but I don't really know how to incorporate that into the code; it seems like way too many variables, but I don't want the skirt to go dark if the dancer jumps into the air without moving along the x or y I guess I do need to incorporate z...?

Pictures to follow!

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