Monday, November 25, 2013

11/25/13: Class and office hours

THE TILT SENSOR IS FINALLY WORKING!!  The new code prints out logical values for the x and y axes that change in a predictable and understandable manner.  Unlike the raw data, this is useable and finally makes sense to me.

I only need to worry about two axes now (x and y) and can disregard z, since the new code doesn't recognize any motion in the z direction.  My short-term goal is have one strand of LEDs respond to tilt in the x direction and light up a different color depending on if the motion is in the negative or positive direction.  I will then code for another strand of lights to respond for the y axis.  To do this, I am transferring my Neopixel code from the raw-tilt-sensor-and-Neopixel-strand-combined code.  I've successfully compiled the sketch for just the x-direction, but the LEDs aren't reacting.  However, I feel optimistic that this isn't a huge problem to solve.  I have to go to other appointments now but will return for an hour or so tonight to try to finish this up before I leave for break.

New orientation of tilt sensor and Arduino
The beginnings of new combined code

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