Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The first time I started working on this was Sunday night.  I ran into problems because the code "TiltSensorSimple" is designed to work with the Arduino, not the SquareWear.  I was really hoping to use SquareWear since it is so much smaller and lighter, but, since the skirt is just a prototype, I guess I'll switch to Arduino instead.

Today, (11/12/13) after meeting with Audrey, I went to TA hours with Shani and Nikki and am trying to hook up the tilt sensor.  I ran the scan to confirm the sensor was hooked up properly, and I was ecstatic when it matched the guidelines!


Then, I hooked up LEDs with another breadboard and took a video of the tilt working.  Stupid mistake 101: I was tilting the board with the LED and exclaiming how frustrated I was that nothing was happening...Nikki pointed out that I needed to be tilting the tilt sensor.  Oops.

And now I have another major error.  It took a while to compile the new files (neopixel and the updated SquareWear2) and figure out where the Arduino files were hiding (not in neopixel but in SquareWear2).  Now I'm getting an annoying error, though:

I'm doing all this on my PC, which doesn't run SquareWear, so I'm thinking that could be the reason why...?  Something else I need to figure out is how to activate the accelerometer.  I want to use that function of the tilt sensor, but I'm pretty sure the code is working the gyroscope.

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