Thursday, November 21, 2013

(for 11/20/13)

I'm finally starting to work out how the tilt sensor functions.  From the work during class (and from Audrey's advice), I'm going to work with the gyroscope instead of the accelerometer, since time is running short and the accelerometer seems to be really unreliable.  I was shaking it and moving it with different speeds along the different axes but the values changed without making a lot of sense.  Because this, my design needs to be modified a bit.  I was initially going to separate the lights and spread them out underneath the chiffon layer of the skirt, but now, to accommodate the altered code, I will just attach the light strips around the ribbon (belt) of the skirt.  I think this will still be an interesting project and viable in the marketplace.  Here are my notes from the class about going forward:

Should change to gyroscope instead of accelerometer
·         X = rotating around center
·         Y = leaning forward/backward
·         Z = tilting side to side

If rotating on x-axis, light strip red
If tilting on y-axis, light strip blue
If tilting on z-axis, light strip green
If not tilting on x-, y-, or z-axis, light rainbow cycle

The text in red is the code I intend to write.

I've figured out the axes for the tilt sensor (at least in one particular orientation).  The videos won't upload right now, but I have them on my phone.

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