Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week of 12/4/13

Lots of work happened in the two classes this week!

I've finally gotten to the point where I can start making the actual skirt, since I'm pretty confident that the lights will be working properly.  Audrey modified the code so that the rainbow cycle would change depending on the direction of the tilt of the wearer, and it looks so cool!  It worked just fine for me with Arduino but, when I tried to switch over to SquareWear today, the lights started flashing and acting up.  I cut off the first line in the string because it had died (?), but it still was reacting strangely to the tilt sensor: it either didn't light up or reacted properly for a few moments, then got stuck on either red or green.  I wonder why it would default to those colors.

In terms of actually making the skirt, I will definitely be all finished by Sunday.  I've cut the under-layer down to size (mostly) and attaching the LEDs really shouldn't be too tricky.  The only challenging part is running a wire from one side to the other so that I don't have to cut the strand apart.  Then, I'll make a small compartment for the SquareWear with an opening for the on/off switch.  And then I'll be done!  I'm hoping to wear the skirt to dance class on Monday and for CS week.

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