Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh my God, it works...!

Just checking that everything I did yesterday still works.  Yes, I'm paranoid, but with very good reason! 
Challenge #1 of today: attach the tilt sensor to SquareWear so that it sticks out over the skirt ribbon in the back.
This proved to be a very difficult challenge.  I first experimented with some solder but found that it burned the SquareWear rather than attaching anything, so I remembered the hot glue gun and that worked pretty well.  Only major problem?  I attached the tilt sensor on the wrong way so had to rip it out before the glue dried too hard.  All's well that ends well, though, because the glue held nicely in the proper alignment.
Challenge #2: attach copper wire to GND, VCC, SCL, and SDA ports.
This was also pretty hard.  I had to strip the wires to the exact right length, else they would cross and mess up all the connections, something I'm a little too familiar with.  I ended up stripping a lot of excess wire to get everything to the right length.  Here's my first attempt at connecting to VCC (which proved to be the easiest).
Attaching to GND.  A bit tricky with making sure nothing crossed, but it worked out.
The final product!  I used some needle-nosed pliers to pull the tilt sensor legs away from one another and give space so that the copper wires wouldn't cross.  I then covered the unused legs with hot glue just to be safe.  I'm proud of the result: it doesn't look terribly messy.
Challenge #3: does it actually work?
I was absolutely terrified to hook everything up and turn on the power button.  For the sound-in project a few weeks ago, I had wired everything but, when I turned on the power, nothing worked.  So, basically, I was scared out of my wits at what would happen with this.  Holding my breath, I switched on SquareWear.  My heart basically fell through my feet when the lights didn't immediately turn on but, a fraction of a second later, everything was up and running and responding perfectly to the tilt sensor!  That split second was the time it took for the current to get running.  I nearly fainted with happiness!
Time spent in lab: 2 hours, 15 minutes

I can actually taste my skirt's completion.  I estimate another hour of work, maybe two, and then it will be done.  I only have to solder three connections and attach the SquareWear...!!!!!

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